pencil, sketch, female, head

Character Sketch / Drawing Illustration-- love the shading technique here and that emotion she is feeling I've definitely felt that way before.

Sorry to all you Percabeth shippers, but this could also pass as Mina, Jared, & the Grimmoire

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Percy Jackson Challenge Day 21 Favorite couple Percy and Annabeth (Percabeth) of course.

Original Burdge. Always.

whenever i’m sketching to music, i typically scribble down the name of the song that comes on as i draw. so that later, i can show you guys what pushed the drawing in the direction it went. here’s what was on the corner of this one.

Beautiful drawing of a couple...identity unknown.

Beautiful drawing of a couple. A few guesses: Amy and Rory, Sherlock and Molly, Merlin and Freya. My money is on Amy and Rory, but I don't know for sure.<---- I like the idea of Merlin and Freya.