sew #green, #emerald

living room color palette: bay leaf green, cinnamon & medium oak, black and white

Green canoes--I just love photos of boats!

Emerald Gemstones Green boats in Nova Scotia a destination for travelers visiting this tiny province on Canada’s eastern seaboard to

Increase your awareness of your inner TRUTH, your lessons are here to teach you; this opens the door to freedom.

What a magical place. One of our backyard fence walls is covered with ivy just like in the movie. I always imagined when I was younger that there was a secret door that lead to a garden just as Mary's did! Still haven't found that door yet.

Green gardening or commuting?  Either way, I love it so muchhh!! :)

Paint the rusty bike in my garden - flowers in a vintage green bicycle


A forest reflected in a clear glass globe. It's like the forest was captured and miniaturized in the glove. Very lovely.

Vintage L.E. Smith Moon and Stars green canister set of 3 #modern house design #home interior #home design|

The perfect jars. Vintage L. Smith Moon and Stars green glass canister set of 3

Wow, wonder if your bamboo will get that big??? Lol

"BAMBOO FACTS: Bamboo is technically a kind of grass, and it grows like grass- sometimes up to 3 or 4 feet in one day. bamboo can be harvested in 3 years’ time, while an oak tree may require 120 years to grow to maturity.

Tall ships green sails

If I were a pirate, this would be my ship. Emerald green sails against dusk and sea is hauntingly beautiful.