This is too true, I have an entire board filled with Stranger Things stuff, I'm obsessed with the show!

↑ THIS ↑ Bwahahaha! Tbh, I'm less worried about Percy and Annabeth and more worried about the reputation of the series. The movie franchise is pulling EVERYONE into Tartarus. That includes us fans!<<< THAT COMMENT THOUGH

Crossover between harry potter and real life. Wallpaper and background photos of Troll in the Dungeon for fans of The Heroes of Olympus images.

Its not like I'd die if thus happened or anything

End to the stakeout, turns into a sleepover and the transform back. Miraculous: Ladybug and Chat Noir Cat Noir

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I really feel like this is Mavis and Zeref, if it is I SHIP IT! If not, I still SHIP IT!<--- Mary and Seto. Sad how nobody knows kagerou days anymore

Natsu must have chose Grays

Lol ''The Underwear Prince'' XD oh Gray.XD<<<<< just to politely correct it's the She-Devil for Mira and The Sky Maiden for Wendy.

Victorian witch aesthetic, requested by anon

We watched as she worked, chanting in demon languages. The room grew cold and mist clouded our vision. I almost lost him even though he was at my side, I caught his hand just in time. He pulled me close and then she spoke.

When Duty and Desire Meet - midnightstarlightwrites - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]

When Duty and Desire Meet - midnightstarlightwrites - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own] This image just looks like it good go in a fabulous direction of smut and i would be delited to so that ><

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Marichat May Day Rejection “But not today.”— this drawing is making me cry. No Chat don’t cry!

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