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So Kute.........

I present::: commander dog and lieutenant cat! The dog is totally diggin his sweet hat. The cat. Not so much.

Little pup pup

Amazing Bogie ~ Precious Mini French Bulldog White Male Available! Gorgeous mini white french bulldog puppy available. So tiny and lovable. He is super sweet and wrinkly. So tiny expecting 8 to 10 pounds full grown. Short, stocky and amazing.


わさびちゃん on

Love my dogs! Friends And this is our dogs… :) Sweet

Welcome to the Family ~ #puppies #dogs #cats #kittens #pets #animals

Welcome to the family

good shepherd and kitten, uncredited.I have a picture almost exactly like this of my Belgian Shepherd nuzzling my new kitten. Dogs are so wonderful.

story time :) Every time I see this, I think I repost to another board -- just precious and beautiful!

I'm going to go with one of Ali Lea's suggestions. Tonight and Friday, let's do BEDTIME STORIES (or Story Hour) . any image having to do with reading books to children or children's books.

Just a lil' pup (dachshund?) chillin' in a tea cup, this cannot be happening...too cute for it's own good! @Monica Smith, @Rachel Smith

12 Teeny Tiny Puppies You Must See Now!

One Cup Of Puppy. This would be better than a cup of tea/coffee. Every morning please.