I have always wanted to do this! Fun fact: Dolphins live in every ocean except for the Arctic and Antarctic. People go on trips to Florida to swim with dolphins, so this could make a really fun family vacation!

done and done but can always do more

I have always wanted to go on a road trip and how fun it would be with a group of my friends! Pick a destination and lets ride!

Have a wedding anniversary, I don't know if we will be alive then. We'll celebrate wedding anniversary this year!

yes please

Had a walk in closet made from a spare bedroom. And the walk-in-closet in that room.was my shoe closet!

shop in nyc

Been to New York on business and just didn't have much time for shopping. So I really wanna go again n shop till I drop.

<3 on June 7th 2013

I WILL marry my highschool sweetheart :) I feel so lucky to have found the love of my life so early on. Guess it makes sense, both our parents are highschool sweethearts so we did have some good role models growing up.


Masquerade balls are events where people attend in a costume wearing a mask. These masks were used to conceal or hide the identity of the .

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cook thanksgiving dinner

On my bucket list :: host Thanksgiving dinner _____________________________________________________________________________ CHECK! This past Thanksgiving with family and friends.


Have a pet pig! I want a tea cup pig SO bad! :) im going to get me a friggin baby tea cup piggy!