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Celebrating Ganesha and other elephants

In celebration of the free Ganesha display in Room 3 (27 February – 25 May 2014) here's a selection of some of our favourite elephants in the collection

Here’s the colourful domestic shrine dedicated to celebrating Ganesha in Room 3

Young visitors made these models of Ganesha, now on display in the Great Court. We love the eyelashes on this one!

Gold and enamel figurine of an elephant set with diamonds in its back and on its head. Mughal dynasty, 19th-20th century.

Figure of the bodhisattva Fugen From Japan, Edo period, first half of the 17th century AD

These splendid elephants are made from porcelain with a milky-white glaze called nigoshide. From Japan, Edo period, late 17th century AD

Schist stone figure of Ganesha. From Orissa, India, 13th century AD.

Register from the Gazi Scroll showing men seated on an elephant. Painted paper scroll, West Bengal, India, c. 1800.

Gouache painting on paper. An elephant run amok. Rajasthan School, India, c.1800

Cast copper alloy currency bar (aes signatum).(obverse) Elephant, right. (reverse) Sow, left. Roman Republican. Minted in Rome, Italy. c.280BC-250BC

Surimono, colour woodblock print. Eguchi-no-kimi seated on an elephant. Artist: Shibata Zeshin (柴田是眞) 1807-1891

Album leaf. Deity riding elephant composed of female orchestra and acrobatic dancing girls. Painted in gouache on paper. Mughal Style, 19th Century

Figure of an elephant; fine light buff earthenware with transparent lead-glaze. Made by Thomas Whieldon, 1750 (circa), United Kingdom

Elephant mask made of wood. Made by Bamileke. Found/acquired: Cameroon, Africa in 1954

Gouache painting on mica of a tiger hunt, Found/acquired: Patna, 19th Century

Porcelain water-pot in form of recumbent elephant. Ming dynasty, early 17th Century

Pata, scroll. Two registers; blue elephant; women figures. Painted in water-colour on paper. West Bengal, c.1920-1930

Elephant figure, toy carved from wood, possibly painted. Found/acquired: Afmadu (Somalia, Africa)

Digital photograph; detail of engraved rock art on a rock boulder, showing the outlined figure of an elephant. Wadi BeddisMessak Settafet, Libya

Figure. Stoneware brown and cream glazed figure of an elephant. With the remains of driver and warriors, and details in white. Sawankhalokm,14th -16th Century

Votive figure (elephant, with mahout) made of terracotta. Found/acquired in Chhota Udaipur in 1985

Elephant toy made of pottery, clay, paint. Palugama, acquired in 1984

Incense-burner (elephant-shaped). Made of bronze. Mughal dynasty, 17th Century

Elephant shadow puppet made of leather. Found in Thailand, Asia, acquired in 1975

Painting on paper of a decorated elephant with a howdah on its back. Asia, early 19th Century