Tattoo idea. :)

Always wanted an Anchor on my foot with my Grandpop's Naval Ship Number next to it.think I finally found one I like:):::Not my quote but a great idea!

Tattoo Idea!

One side of anchor represent "J". Have "ustin" on curve of other side of anchor. Have three flowers or butterflies representing kids."Love anchors the soul" idea...

Wanna get a tattoo like this, except have a different quote, I'm thinking "so we beat on, boats against the current, borne bak ceaselessly into the past." I love the quote in the picture less the tattoo

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If my sister would ever get a tattoo with me this is what I would want. Sisters Heart Infinity Sign Tattoo by ~Metacharis on deviantART

Nautical Tattoo idea

Nautical Tattoo idea this would be great a little bigger with a ship in the background by diane.

Tattoo Idea!

I love this dream catcher owl perhaps as a tattoo! Makes sense. I love dreamcatchers and I love owls

nautical tattoo

compass tattoo~ compass rose for direction, bird to have wings, anchor to stay grounded, the world is your oyster love this! On the forarm and would have the Words " not all who wander are lost" under it! <<< Stealing that idea whoever wrote that!

Sweet nautical tattoo design

I want this tattoo, I know a lot of people have it, but I can expand on this idea and hopefully make it my own. Especially since the words are good to live by. Be the one to guide me but never hold me down

Great tattoo idea!!

LOVIN this Anchor tattoo with a pink ribbon that says "I refuse to sink" When my Mom was fighting her battle this was "our motto" so I want a tattoo of that.I miss u everyday Mom!