HAHAHA 16 Reasons You Should Never Reenact Pinterest Photos

16 Reasons You Should Never Re-Enact Pinterest Photos

So Very Very true! OK. the pumpkin pictures may have had me laughing hysterically. Poor little kids.

I think it was a GREAT idea.

Definitely not a good idea…

So very me...  lol


Sketch of a woman and a man, standing in the top panel, woman says "I warn you I'm an animal in bed." In the bottom panel, she's laying down under blankets and saying "Pat my head and bring me food.

Oh dwight

Funny pictures about Dwight Schrute's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Dwight Schrute's logic. Also, Dwight Schrute's logic photos.

More HILARIOUS kids notes. Can’t get enough of these.

More HILARIOUS kids notes. I want all of these kids in my class, especially the ninja.

this is me...lol

Skinny Doesn't Taste Good

A friend showed me this a few months and I laughed so much., now I look at it and think urgh food yuck and I want tall those things a thigh gap collar bones a flat stomach and hip bones.

Innocent child's letter...and totally funny

Hores like carrots. So if one didn't like carrots, it would not be a hore. That's true.

Lost Unicorn

Lost Unicorn

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