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5 tips to keep strangers from touching your baby! Free car seat tag printable!! #donttouch #newbornrules #strangerstouchingbaby

As a new mom, I was so worried about strangers wanting to touch my baby. These precautions can help keep strangers from touching your baby.

Lisa was in a dilemma. The climate was hot, but she wasn’t sure if her six-month-old baby should be given water to drink. The little one was yet to taste H2O, and Lisa wanted to know the right time for the babies to begin drinking water.

When Can Babies Drink Water And How To Feed It To Them : Are you planning to introduce bottled water for your baby? Thinking what can be the best time to start? Here is a post on when baby can start drinking water

High Milk Supply Must Haves for all Breast Feeding Mamas

Stocking up to support your milk supply is just as important as stocking up on diapers! Here is a list of the must have items breastfeeding mamas need to help maintain a healthy supply for baby.