<3 curves. Wish i had hers haha!

A girl posted this picture and this what she said about it--"This what I don't want to end up like! Motivation to stay thin and beautiful!" Well that girl is ridiculous! The women in this photo is gorgeous, her body is amazing! Real women have curves!

What images have you seen today?

Morning coffee (28 photos)

"Girls see over 400 advertisements per day telling them how they should look." "Teach girls to scrutinize media" Unfortunately I have to do this with my girls almost every time we watch television.

Self image (so true)

How girls think they look without makeup. Dont look at the tags. how a girl looks with makeup how '; girl looks without makeup. would thumb but some idiot put that at the bottom of your "oc" how dare you

Why am I laughing so hard?

More funny things on WWW.COM We're all so used to photoshopped models that sometimes we don't notice the ridiculous. Look closely at this photo. This is either really bad photoshop or an impressively magical model.


"There's a chance she'll be a lawyer. There's a chance she'll wish she was thinner by the time she get's to the grade." This is so wrong, but so true. I wish that my daughter will never feel like this

Why in the world?!

Great Moments in Vagina History

Merkins are an actual thing. They started in the Victorian era for prostitutes. If you were a lady of the night, you shaved your pubic hair to remove crabs. Crabs are bad for business, so you need a pubic wig to keep business coming in.

I need Feminism, because this...

How Florida's Stand Your Ground law works. Everyone knows you can only stand your ground if you're a white man.

Love yourself

This Body Runs an 8 minute mile. I have never been able to run a mile under Be fit but proud of yourself no matter what skin you are in :)

Original image on left, touched-up image on right. What if women knew that the bodies they idolized in print were fabrications?

If we would stop taking our cues from magazines and posters and images that are all clearly photoshopped, we might actually spend our time doing something besides pinning pictures of women we think we should be.