Framed thank you sign

Wedding Photography Thursdays: An Intimate Low-Key Wedding.instead of a sign maybe one holding a script thank on a stick the other with you?

thank you parasol walking down the beach

Cancun Wedding at Excellence Playa Mujeres by Liga Photography

Thank you on wall with chalk

Salvage One Wedding by Shane Welch Photography

thank you banner or sign behind the back pose

Helpful tips on writing thank yous to make your friends & family feel all glowy & special-like. wish I had this before I sent all my thank you cards!

thank you sign behind back

Cute idea for thank you cards. Include pic of bride and groom facing away, kissing with thank you sign. Maybe on the back right what for, like for attending or for a gift/card they gave, both.

Thank you on handwritten poster

Such a cute and creative idea for wedding thank you cards! or thinking about baby thank you cards too.