Brittany Burgan
Brittany Burgan
Brittany Burgan

Brittany Burgan

Worked with a girl that did this.

I don't speak Walmart!

so true.

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Annie Sloan Greek blue china cabinet. Vintage Glory,Chester CT

Greek Blue. As the name implies, this blue takes you on a vicarious journey to the South of France and allows you to transport yourself in the dead of winter if that is your druthers. Honestly, it is such a clean and pure blue that it demands some freshness and strength with equal surroundings. Blue green shutters in the South of France are the inspiration for this color. Set against walls of any of the whites, it is a perfect marriage of beauty and refreshment.

Napoleonic Blue. This is a rich classical blue with a rich depth of color particularly when it is waxed to bring out the sheen. It is named after Napoleon because it is one of the powerful colors he liked to use in his apartments.

Trendwatch: The Finish Line - New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - Fall 2013 - New Orleans, LA painted by Creative Finishes Studio using Country Grey and Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan

A fun Nintendo dresser created with Emperor's Silk, Graphite, Old Ochre and French Linen Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan | By A Perfect Treasure

Love Birds Crib Bedding | Baby Girl Crib Bedding in Pink Blue and Green | Carousel Designs 500x500 image

sweet shabby chic nursery bedding