Cam Gigandet-- a guy in a suit is always more attractive. but this guy doesn't need the suit.

oh buddy boy!!

Seats taken. Bulldog in Swing. Cute animal pictures and happy feel good pictures. Steve jobs and bob marley quotes - adorable animals, bulldog

I doubt this will work for my english bulldog. lol

Because walking your dog would look ridiculous. people are ridiculous. This is seriously stupid. America wonders why they are fat- and their families and pets too. Yes she is walking but hello? This is seriously wrong.

Mark Wahlberg in his Calvin Kleins :)

Marky Mark a. Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein advertisement, dang.


Top 10 Best Baby Music Albums - I'm gonna be honest, I mostly pinned this for the happy baby in the headphones!

great dane Thanks to funny-stuffs ! #heartburn #heartburnsymptoms #health #diet

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Preppy Plaid Boys Bow Tie on Luulla

Happy Easter Bulldog - I need to get a picture of Lucy like this!

Dallas Cowboys puppy looks like Boo

LOL...I'd wear these.

LOL...I'd wear these.


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