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Dawn of the dead 1978 black Friday 2013

Black Friday 2013

The Walking Dead - Black Friday. Me this year as the loner on the wrong side of the gate working at joanns

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The Walking Dead. See? We are already becoming zombies.

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seriously keep your hands to yourself.

Customer reaches for receipt at the printer Do yo…

Retail has taught me 2 things: 1) Always be respectful and patient; 2) People suck, I hate them...........Which is why I don't work retail anymore!

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I wish.... but unfortunately you just have to smile and pretend to care while you answer their questions.

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Tales from a cashier

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All the time. And then they're appalled that you said no to them... Like ugh. Seriously.

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Fuck Yeah Retail Robin

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It's only September - Meme Picture

It's only September - Meme Picture
  • Sara C
    Sara C

    This is how I feel when I go to Hobby Lobby

Ohhhh ok then

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Would this be rude? “Excuse me Mam. Would you like me to show you how to discipline your child?”.

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  • Allison Fitch
    Allison Fitch

    I think it would be sensible and more people should do it all the time! LOL

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Awesome Best Pictures | Customer Service - Lol & Funny, Motivational And Demotivational Poster

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No ma'am, the 50% off sign on that shelf does not apply to the entire store. | Retail Robin | Meme Generator

No ma'am, the 50% off sign on that shelf does no…

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