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brittany Cowl

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Pornografia para mulheres

Emma watson has beautiful hair. If I did not need to be able to do a ponytail, I would totally want my hair like this

Black and white mani.

Cara Delavigne ~ smokey eyes and love the different tones in her hair

#ShareIG Today's look: Ps...Counting down the days for my bulb to come in , selfies are just not the same without my ring light can't see the details anyhow..... // Lips in liquid matte" Brick" @doseofcolors // Highlight and Contour Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Y0 and Y2// Hoola bronzer @benefitcosmetics //Eyes using @meltcosmetics // #iluvsarahii #doseofcolors #meltcosmetics

Creamy Spinach Casserole - YUM! tastes like spinach pie without the crust.

Loving this outfit! Would totally wear it for school/work or going out with friends :D

Ck. Out the color how it looks kinda natural, love that & really saddle . Healthy is key...

Who came up with this? Amazing!