Disney Princesses And Their Moms.

Disney Princesses And Their Moms. Can I just have the mothers' outfits please? And the princess dresses?

So true!

Disnumblr Trois

Another reason to love Patrick,Dempsey Move over, Flynn Ryder. There was, in fact, a Disney hero before you who questioned why everyone was singing.

Well... that esculated quickly.

10 Times Disney Totally Blew Our Minds. Have you ever noticed how many Disney movies are present in this The Incredibles family photo? The Finding Nemo tiki is on ElastiGirl and Dash's clothes. Monsters, Inc. is on Mr Incredible's shirt!


The Incredibles.well, it only took about 10 years or longer for the Finding Nemo sequel.maybe they'll eventually get around to The Incredibles. There's some pretty great fan art anyway.

Shout Out To Tangled's and Frozen’s Coffee Guy

Shout Out To Mulan's and Frozen’s Coffee Guy. He was also the coffee guy for Tangled. This is why Disney is awesome, they know the importance of coffee.

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