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Mehndi Moon

Instagram photo by Sanni Voutilainen • May 23, 2016 at 7:17pm UTC


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Harry Potter themed sleeve by @MartinMooreTattoos

harry potter tattoos

Gorgeous version of the Deathly Hallows symbol. This would be super cool as a tattoo.

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Ink drawings of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff

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Fish Ink © Alfred Basha

Alfred Basha on Instagram: “Aquarium Next deawing ? Ideas ? ”

Absolutely love this!

I have mad respect for the octopus tattoos, but sadly I don't think they belong on me...


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Love the concept!

Attractive Inner Bicep Christian Tattoo - Christian Tattoo Designs

Octopus tattoo

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Tattoo octopus ship

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Brittany Goebel

This is beautiful

Side-thigh Octopus Tattoo | Leg Placement -

tTemporary tatoo by Joshua Couchenour.

Ink Empire: Tattoos at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Preview! |

Puppy (nibbler) portrait by Nick Sarich

Tattoo Snob - The High End of Low-Brow

Would be better will Palpatine

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Absolutely gorgeous

Colorful Star With Galaxy Inside | Best tattoo design ideas

Image of The Boston and the Butterfly Print - Clarity Tattoo

Clarity Tattoo — The Boston and the Butterfly Print

Love this

Bohemian Tattoo

How to hide tatts with good concealer

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Done by Kate E. Green. #star #wars #starwars #ink #tattoo #death #star #deathstar #empire #vader

To Where My Mind Wanders

Beautiful sternum tattoo


This is a tattoo of dopamine and serotonin molecules. Neat.

Egor’s Neurotransmitter Tattoos @ Geeky Tattoos

Love this!

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Paolo Murtas | Facebook