Essie In the Cab  I love this color, but my experience with Essie polish is not good. It chips a lot. And within less than a day.

Essie In the Cab-Ana. such a pretty color! Maybe this is the fun summer color I was looking for?

OPI Euro Centrale over Suzi's Hungary

Liesl Loves Pretty Things: OPI Euro Centrale Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! + OY- Another Polish Joke ( love his sheer gold "Oy- another polish joke")

Essie - Fifth Avenue

Red nail polish is classy shade that gives a bright exotic look for your nails. Given is the list of best red nail polish shades you can easily sport over any kind of outfit

bright colors + aztec print

These tribal print shorts are great-- ballsy to wear them with bright yellow, but it works. I personally would want them to be the statement so if wear them with a simple white or black top.

Turquoise Nails with Flowers!

summer paradise Turquoise Nails with Flowers! Maybe purple instead of turquoise. This is one of the best eyeshadow tutorials I've ever s.

MAC Lipstick in Colour Me Coral--

MAC Lipstick in Colour Me Coral–wedding lips! Ideas and Inspirations MAC Lipstick in Colour Me Coral–wedding lips! Ideas and Inspirations…

Albatross Highlighting  looks white but turns gold on the skin...AMAZING!!! summer must have...I use it on my cheekbones and eyelids

face highlighter-Since cold weather can suck the life out of your skin, I like to dust the cheekbones with a sparkly face powder, like Nars Albatross Highlighting Blush, for instant radiance. Wear it alone or on top of foundation and blush

Coral n' blue.

Cara Delevingne Makeup Inspiration- love the blue liner and coral lip. Very nice.