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Be Calm and Quiet My Soul | brittleeallen

O Lord, my heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me. But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. (Psalm 131:1-2) I read these words from Psalm...

Four Types of People You Shouldn't Aspire To Become Proverbs 26, Book Of Proverbs, Types Of People, Read Later, Christian Living, Faith, Blog, Christian Life, Blogging

Four Types of People You Shouldn't Aspire To Become | brittleeallen

This article originally appeared on Whole Magazine as part of their Proverbs series. You can find it here. A prominent theme found in the book of Proverbs is wisdom. It’s also filled from chapter to chapter with various warnings we must heed. In Proverbs 26, we see warnings against becoming four types of people. The...

3 Reasons We Grumble Grace Christian, Christian Women, Christian Living, I Hate My Life, Heart And Mind, God Is Good, Young Women, Walking, Bible

3 Reasons We Grumble | brittleeallen

"How's your diet going?"Before my mind could muster up some Christianese answer like, "God is good all the time." or "You know, it is well with my soul." my flesh spoke for me, "It sucks and I hate my life." Ugh. I hated typing those words as much as you probably hated reading them. Words so ungodly I feel the shame of them even now. They uncover what lingers in my heart: discontentment.

Beware the Draw of Laziness in the Midst of Suffering Grace Christian, Christian Women, Christian Living, Second Pregnancy, Laziness, Woman Drawing, Heart And Mind, Godly Woman, Christian Inspiration

Beware the Draw of Laziness in the Midst of Suffering | brittleeallen

There’s a permanent indentation in my couch. The toll of first-trimester exhaustion from two pregnancies, as well as the miscarriages that ended them, has made its mark on our lives. That once new couch is just one evidence of it. It’s been there from the beginning, delivered with it’s appalling “new furniture smell” as I...

A More Comforting Truth Than "For Your Good" Grace Christian, Christian Marriage, Christian Women, Christian Living, Heart And Mind, Word Of God, Young Women, Online Business, Comforters

A More Comforting Truth Than "For Your Good" | brittleeallen

I read the email explaining the fertility paperwork and a thousand emotions bubbled up from within. “This is so overwhelming. I don’t want to do this!” I lamented and tossed my phone onto the ottoman. My husband kindly reminded me, “We don’t have to.” “We do have to! I’m not ready to stop trying, but...

Dear Lord, You Can Have This Baby | brittleeallen Grace Christian, Christian Women, Christian Living, Couples Bible Study, Wanting A Baby, Biblical Womanhood, Third Baby, Study Ideas, Walk By Faith

Dear Lord, You Can Have This Baby | brittleeallen

Dear Lord, I’m unsure of how to express all that I feel, but I know you see all that resides within my heart. You see my longings and my fears, my gratitude and my restlessness. Within my heart are the questions to which you alone have the answers. Will you allow our third baby to grow?...

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You Don't Have To Be Best Friends With Everyone | brittleeallen

My heart immediately sunk to my stomach as I heard about the super fun night I wasn’t invited to. The more I listened the more it was disclosed–we had been left out again. “But why did they invite every other young couple we know but not us?!” I said to my husband, desperate to understand. “Maybe...

Treasure Seeker: A New Bible Study Resource for Women Grace Christian, Christian Post, Christian Women, Christian Living, Bible Study Lessons, Bible Study Journal, New Bible, Christian Resources, Prayer Book

Treasure Seeker: A New Bible Study Resource for Women | brittleeallen

Here’s the thing… I fear many women are famished for the Word of God. It’s no wonder why. Many of us have been feeding on the crumbs which devotionals give rather than feasting on the Bread of life. We’ve been told as women that we can live off of those crumbs, and that the feast of...

The Easiest weekly Cleaning Schedule for moms suffering with Postpartum Depressi. - Angela Brown Home Postpartum Recovery, Postpartum Depression, Fisher Price, Cleaning Calendar, Weekly Cleaning, Go Feminin, High Needs Baby, Minimalist Parenting, Leadership

Mother's Day is the Hardest | brittleeallen

It seems, even before the first sprout sprang from the ground, indicating spring is near, my heart had already begun to dread what follows April showers. It’s not those beautiful flowers which May typically brings, nor is it the warmer weather I fear. It’s Mother’s Day. The day where churches worldwide will honor the visible...

Are You Truly Willing to Trust God? Grace Christian, Christian Living, Christian Women, Trust In Jesus, Trust God, Mom Devotional, Spiritual Growth Quotes, Overcome Evil With Good, Find Your Calling

Are You Truly Willing to Trust God? | brittleeallen

“But if you could choose, would you choose to be discontent until you receive a baby, or to trust God and never receive a baby?” His question caused me to pause for thought, making me uncomfortable as it sliced through my self-deception. If God told me that trusting him meant I would never receive a...

God Sees the Woman Walking Through Infertility Grace Christian, Christian Marriage, Christian Women, Christian Living, Pregnancy Progression, Scripture Cards, How To Increase Energy, Biblical Womanhood, Christian Resources

God Sees the Woman Walking Through Infertility | brittleeallen

I held the pregnancy test in my hand and examined it closely. Could there be a faint line? Oh Lord, please let there be a faint line. There wasn’t. It was negative. No baby had taken root in my womb and those supposed symptoms proved to be simply taunting me, giving me false hope that...

Wrestling By Faith Grace Christian, Christian Marriage, Christian Women, Christian Living, Seasons Of Life, Walk By Faith, Big Three, Wrestling, Counselling

Wrestling By Faith | brittleeallen

I’ve found wrestling with God to be a common occurrence in this season of life. My faith often feels frail as I hope each month for new life to begin in my womb, only to look upon a negative pregnancy test. God continues to show me my utter lack of control over the conceiving and...

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Are We Too Liberal With Our Christian Liberties? | brittleeallen

Christian liberties remain a popular topic among Christ followers no matter what side of the spectrum one lands on. One person believes it’s okay to drink wine, while another thinks it’s wrong. I’m not here to discuss alcohol or the Sabbath, but rather to ask this question: Are we too liberal with our Christian liberties?...

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With Gossip On Our Lips | brittleeallen

I gossiped last night. There, I said it. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just kinda poured out of my mouth like poison. Gossip is sneaky. One minute you’re being helpful and the next you’ve gone and spilled the beans. We think it’s okay as long as we’re just vague enough. We aren’t...

When God Shakes His Church Presidential Candidates, Founding Fathers, Our World, God, House Styles, Dios, Praise God, The Lord

When God Shakes His Church | brittleeallen

Our world seems to be unraveling before our eyes. ISIS is sending their young children to be suicide bombers. Babies are ripped from their mother’s womb so their parents can pursue all their selfish longings. The best America could come up with for presidential candidates are a far cry from what the founding Fathers envisioned,...

A Heart Prone to Discontentment Counselling, Spiritual Growth, Ministry, No Worries, Faith, Heart, Blog, Blogging, Loyalty

A Heart Prone to Discontentment | brittleeallen

For 3 years, I have waited. Sometimes, I waited well. Other times…not so much. I’ve had dreams and desires for ministry that have gone unfulfilled and my heart has many times been frustrated. I wanted to devote time to writing and ministry. But I had to work. I wanted to be a homemaker and actually...