Perfect summer shorts- I had some shorts that I did this to. It was SO easy. I dressed up a couple for more than just your avg shorts and I think it went over great. Also, when they got too ratty - I took the lace off and redid it on another pair! :)

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Stocking line - Have your clients look places other than your camera. You can tell them to look away, look down over their shoulder, look past your camera to provide a different emotion to your photos. More

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Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender, Men and Women, Threesome, Group Sex, Orgy, Crossdressing - NSWF, ONLY. Any reblogged images are from the Internet and if they are copyrighted, please let me know and I will remove.

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this is what I mean by 'shoe string straps for a bodice (you dont see the bra of course when dancing)...match the strings to the bodice colour and glue some tiny diamonties on for bling! Oh and only do 3 straps on each side or it looks to cluttered.

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