I have read A LOT of things before, but this right here is beyond amazing. ❥

I've learned to love the good and the bad, cause damn! My life is pretty freaking amazing! I'm so glad it's mine!

severe illness and lack of life/ horrid experiences happen. Grow, no matter how! Use the experiences given

Wear your tragedies as armor, not shackles

Often our armor isn't needed. But sometimes it is. And it's far better to use past hurts as armor than to let them shackle us. As long as we remember to let that armor down and just let things go when it's not needed.

Your Soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It is who come to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in second...

Ummmmm YUP …lol hilarious, revolutionize your world.(RE&D) A new life started the day I met you. I loved the journey that we've shared and look down the road with anticipation and excitement. I cherish the blessing of having you in my life.

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Don’t ditch your fit goal: fitness motivation. "Never quit. If you stumble get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today's another day so get back on track and move closer to your dreams and goals. You can do it.

true friends #treasures

Find the person who is this to you. Be this for them, also. Marry them. True friendship is the foundation. True friendship maybe shakable, but it isn't breakable.

| You all are my soul mates. My kindred spirits |

20 Quotes That Show What Friendship Truly Means

True friendship doesn't end with distance. This summer might be tough but you'll always be my best friend no matter what! I love you boo

Dr. Seuss quote--LOVE LOVE this...I am going to copy this on a card so I can carry it with me for those times when I feel I can't fight anymore. LOVE HIM...MY FAV AUTHOR

"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead. Some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat and I'm all ready you see now my troubles are going to have troubles with me.Seuss Who knew Dr.Seuss was a bad ass?

soulmates make you feel the most...

9 Types of Dreams You Have and The Actual Dream Meaning.

Victoria Erickson a soul mate doesn't always mean a lover. A soulmate can be somebody we are connected with on a much different level then in an earthly level. There's a connection but you always will have with them what you like it or not.

Best and Funny Friendship Quotes . Only for best friends | Quotes and Humor

I would substitute SISTER for Best Friends here. Best and Funny Friendship Quotes . Only for best friends