Laughed out loud at this. ;)

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"You have an old power drink bottle down here." "Oh cool, what flavor?" "Blue is not a flavor it's a color." "It says blue blast." "Oh Blue Blast, I love blue blast!

Haha true!

Stop Drop Roll- This led me to believe catching on fire would be a much more frequent problem in life.


Home Is Where The Bra Isn't Racerback Tank | LookHUMAN

So very true! So please don't pay a visit to my household without calling first!


Attack Of The Funny Animals - 60 Pics

This dog picture captions are just too cute! Frankie wasn't.the brightest his class



Oh, a mirror! - Funny kitten watching The Lion King on a laptop: "Oh, I didn't know this was a mirror!


I wondered what taco flavored yogurt would taste like.then I realized it was sour cream.I'm laughing quietly to myself on the inside.

It's true.

Random Inspiration #17

Love is when someone asks for a starburst and you give them a pink or a red one. Brief acquaintance is when you ask for a starburst and you give them an orange one. Pure hatred is when someone asks you for a starburst and you give them a yellow one.


The Meaning Of Grades In Asia // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - my grading system in America.

So annoying!

You've had 85 years to work at this Reese's. Figure it out. Just sayin. Reese's getting stuck at the bottom of the wrapper.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics

What Is This a Mirror For Children? // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - ---Alyssa, this will be your life :)

What. A. Jerk.

My feelings exactly. Nicest "bad" guy I've ever seen. Worst "good" guy I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, this is too true! @Tori Sdao Sdao Sdao Sdao Crum  @Desira Mathes Mathes Mathesé Marks Hicks  @Kathryn Whiteside Whiteside Whiteside Whiteside DeRhodes  @Lauren Davison Davison Davison Davison Thomas

Another reason why women live longer. <<<< Half the reason I am posting this is due to the previous posters comment hahaha

Can not stop laughing lol

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