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Great Ideas!

Great Ideas!

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Toilet paper rolls to organize cords and electronics / Toiletpapirruller til organisering af ledninger og elektronik.

Absolutely love this idea of using an over-the-door shoe organizer to corral assorted cords, batteries, etc. I've got a closet that is in *serious* need of a good organization makeover.

IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Roxann's Rockin' Closet

wash your hands and say your prayers wood by SlightImperfections, $18.95..super cute for kids bathroom

Creative Ways How To Use Old Windows

DIY Clothing pin headphone holder

5 Easy And Adorable Ways To Organize Your Cords

menu rotation

The End of Reinventing the Meal- Menu Planning and The Ultimate Menu Board

How to stop drinking soda

How to Quit Drinking Soda

Want to save money on groceries? Here are 10 easy ways save money groceries. You can save 50% on your groceries in under an hour a week!

Save Money Groceries - Learn How To Save On Groceries

life hacks (4)

Top 40 Life Hacks Of 2013

DIY Insanely Clever- simple repurposed coffee creamer Storage !

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Must-have app for comparing sales between different stores in your area! You can see the sales (and any coupons to go with those sales) for just about any store in your area. This app will change the way you shop for groceries!

Having a well planned budget for the year will help you achieve your financial goals. Read on to find out how you can best prepare your budget for next year!

How To Prepare Your Budget For Next Year

Great idea for those who like to save greeting cards...want to do this with Mason's fun cards

"Mom's Emergency Kit" w/ the timeless beauty bag from Thirty-One --- I just might have to make one of these soon.

Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts

Great ideas on pantry organization. Looks like some great ideas, and soon, I'm going to have to figure out what to do, so I may as well take a hint from someone else ;)

What I've learned from Pinterest.

Coffee Can Lid as Paint Splatter Shield - Paint like a pro. To make a splatter shield for when you’re painting a high surface, cut a slit in the center of a lid and pull the paintbrush through.

kroger organic deals

couponing for beginners

How to Start Couponing for Beginners - Katie's Crochet Goodies

Love tips 3, 7 and 10

Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips That Will Save You Thousands

Steadying a chair (or table) Once they've done their duty as wine-bottle stoppers, corks can come in handy elsewhere in the house. Cut a slice of cork horizontally from the top end with a bread knife and slip it under the troublesome leg. Added Bonus: they won't scratch wooden floors!

Steadying a Chair - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Turn birthday cards into a "book" for your child or grandchild to read. Just punch holes in cards and attach in small notebook.

How to Season and Care for Your Cast Iron Cookware. Caring for your cast iron is quite simple.

How to Season and Care for your Cast Iron Cookware - CincyShopper

awesome trigger point therapy resource for headache, neck, shoulder, back pain relief.

Trapezius Trigger Point Referral Patterns

Great questions!

Tame a crowd of spray bottles by installing a curtain rod across the cabinet. Suspend them by their spray triggers, and voila! Freed-up space for other bathroom or kitchen essentials. make this craft