Peacock tattoo, would make a great Phoenix tattoo with flames at the end of the feathers and tail. Less curly stuff.


Symbolic meanings and placement are two important things when people juggle for their tattoo ideas. Both of them affect your choice whether the tattoo is suitable for you or not. Low Back Tattoos are secret tattoos for women. A lot… Continue Reading →


Kira I know that I wasn't to open about the idea of u having dreads BUT. This girl is beautiful and I seriously love the dreadlocks! I could totally see u with em! I'm team dread for kira :)

Butterfly ink

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Women Shoulder Tattoos: Cute

Women tattoo - Butterfly tattoos Butterfly tattoo designs has never lost its popularity for women. Tattoo design butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Butterfly itself characteristic of feminine softness and beauty that provide universal appeal.

Tattoos Designs Ideas: Sexy Rib Tattoos For Girls

Cross Tattoos For Women › Plain Cross Tattoo Design for Girl this is awesome!