Good to know - Lowe’s has 3-inch “multi-purpose foam pads” that are usually used as foam beds for camping:  $19 dollars each

Step by Step- How to Upholster a Bench Seat -

HOW to upholster a bench seat. Lowe’s has “MULTI-PURPOSE foam pads” that are used as foam beds for camping. could be used for other stuff, too and cheaper than from a craft store!

Perfect Summer outfit

Summer outfit - longer shorts, but I like the tank top with the bright crop top peeking out. Couldn't wear the flower top alone though, nobody wants to see that :)

Long black skirt, denim jacket, brown sandals and purse and belt, gold and brown bracelets.

Long black skirt, denim jacket, brown sandals and purse and belt, gold and brown bracelets. - might need to add a long black skirt to my wardrobe. I love this! I'd wear different shoes!

Trick to keep a strapless bra from slipping. This works! I had one on all day yesterday and didn't have to pull it up once!

bratricks Make a strapless bra stay using a removable bra strap. Put on the strapless bra and clip a strap to one side. Wrap it around the front of the bra at the band level and attach it to the other side.

My look

"Spring Casual" Reverse the blue shirt and the yellow pants. No one should wear yellow pants

I'd exercise in this.

Running Sucks Wildfox Track Suit Jacket

i have a love-hate relationship with running, plus it would make ppl smile to see me wearing it while I run! :-P Thanks Sernett I love running, just like you =)

Can't wait for Summer Nights!

How amazing is this coral top? Love the whole outfit - especially the brown wedges paired with the black shorts. Can't wait for Summer Nights!

Just bought this lovely summer dress.  Cant wait for it to come in the mail. :)

Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week - So many ideas for summer fashion! I love this maxi dress outfit with coral jewelry and sandals. Click through to see tons more summer outfits for events and every day.

hell yeah

I really do have the best boots in town. Monogrammed Tank- Forget glass slippers this princess wears boots

Absolutely lol

I guess I'm a real man! But I believe it's supposed to say "smart" men marry nurses. Or "hypochondriacs" marry nurses.