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Scotland, UK  ·  Our life with Global Development Delay (yes, that old chestnut), epilepsy, hypotonia, hypermobility and no diagnosis.
Brody, Me & GDD
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Being non-verbal isn’t like The Little Mermaid. There isn’t always some magical…

Being non-verbal isn’t like The Little Mermaid. There isn’t always some magical solution. Take away your child’s voice and you can imagine how much more complicated life gets.

Undiagnosed - A Life In Limbo

All the fears I thought I knew All the what-ifs I pondered during inky nights- None of them-none. prepared me for this reality. I have thoug.

Silence Is Not Golden

Women Historians: Women Writing About History

Simple Things That Help SEND Parents

From creating a STEM camp for kids to building an organic garden in Vietnam for people in need--read how these awesome local Girl Scouts are making the world a better place!

Why We Need Supermarkets to Sell Bigger Nappies

Have a child in diapers? Each week, I share the best diaper deals that you can find either in-store or online.

Hello Epilepsy

Many patients with epilepsy find their condition adequately controlled with medication. However, for about of epilepsy patients, the medications are in

Just Keep Swimming

When I have one of those days, I irrationally wonder if our luck changed when I agreed to a c-section on Friday, or that time we ran over a single Magpie on our way home from our first night out.

Guilt When You're a Special Needs Parent

Be careful: If you feel guilt about who you are, it will be used against you. Shame loves to come in to tell bigger, badder lies. Are you believing them

One Person Can Make a Difference - And Everyone Should Try

Providing Bathroom Assistance for a Travel Companion of the Opposite Sex

Shake It Off (Or Alternatively Fetch the Imaginary Voodoo Doll)

When it comes to pass-remarkable comments to do with my parenting, I've tended to let them go in the past (okay, I'll admit I may have fetched my imaginary voodoo doll once or twice.