Being Human - BBC version | Series 3 was the best, but it was all great (with the original cast)! I miss it!

Being human - BBC version-american version stinks.As always BBC version original.a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost move in together

Aidan Turner in Being Human <3

Mitchell holding George and Nina's baby on Being Human. So cute! ^^Um, I wish that would have happened but NO. This is Mitchell holding the ghost baby Annie babysits.

Aidan Turner | 57 British Actors Every Geek Will Recognize. Basically everyone has already been on Doctor Who

Aidan Turner: Played Mitchell the vampire on “Being Human.” Is now the "hot dwarf," Kili, in The Hobbit movies.

George: 'World's gayest ninjas!' lol

George: 'World's gayest ninjas!' lol Being human uk

Mitchell and Annie - Being Human -

Mitchell and Annie - Being Human aka my favorite OTP in the history of ever.