Adapt for high school .*FREE* Quick and easy notes to staple to unfinished work. Each note has a quick checklist, so that the teacher may note why the student has unfinished work. A blank has been provided for additional reasons/notes.

The Art Ninja elementary art education setting up the room classroom management hall passes paint brushes

The Art Ninja elementary art education setting up the room classroom management hall passes paint brushes- cute idea for teacher gift

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Store your leftover tempera paints in sauce containers.

31 Genius Hacks For Your Elementary School Art Class

Save tempera paints in takeout sauce containers. Store the sauce containers in muffin pans.

so wonderful an idea

"Black Out Poetry" using old newspapers or books. I love using this idea. Would be fun for a poetry unit or Creative Writing class.

A spin on Blackout Poetry.  Use a targeted text for science, social studies, etc. and students create a poem for the main idea or targeted topic.

Found Poetry .The artist has a couple of really beautiful examples on her deviant art page. This sounds really interesting. found poetry--GREAT use of all our discarded books for middle/high school English project

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let's not call them mistakes. It's a great way to teach/learn how to solve problems. My teacher used to call them "rethinking moments "! This will be in my classroom next year .Classroom Management in the Art Room Tiger Apple Twist

Very cool altered book page poetry.

Incorporate art into writing (poetry): Students can even pick a page from their favourite book as an inspiration. Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids. This is an interesting way to teach poetry.

Art Rocks!: Art Room Jobs

student self-management for the art classroom-Hm, might be a great idea. love this idea for elementary students (could change it a bit for music)

Create an original poem using a page from a book.  This is such a creative idea... and I love how blocking out the rest of the text makes it look as unique as a fingerprint... like it belongs only to that child.  #poetry

Circle words on a page of text to form a poem. Mark out the words not being used. My former students have created some beautiful poetry with this style.