Hate of any kind is not in my nature. I love all people and treat everyone, of all colours, sexualities, sizes and gender identities with respect and support...so it hurts me alot to not receive the same back =(

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But my vote didn't count-electoral rigging. How about deporting assholes! Trump first! Fuck! If I have to look at that orange man again I will vomit.

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There's a different between real people who like to share their life and those who seem to do things just to post about it on social media. Sad. Unfollow. FB is not your diary! We don't care!

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"None are so empty as those who are full of themselves." - Benjamin Whichcote I couldn't agree more...! I seem to have found that it's more so the narcissistic people whom seem to be the most full of themselves...

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Make sure your kid always says “please” and “thank you.” Universal Pictures It’s common courtesy, plain and simple. Offer only encouragement at your kid’s sporting events. Don’t ruin sports for your kid and everyone else. Pick up

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All they usually do is complain about how stressful their life is but never do anything about it to make themselves better or grow from it!

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Amennema....have not spoken this word in 9 YEARS. ...it's somehow disrespectful. ...I'm with me......just me on all my days.....no good no bad. ...just another. ...

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