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Monika Stefaniak

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Monika Stefaniak
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AWWW... Love the drawing style too.: don't know what board to put this in so going in this one ....

I love the message it brings across, and the style of art is fantastic. >>>> I love Prince Canary his art is so amazing

Narwhal love More

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No borks!!!!

Post with 8121 votes and 84644 views. My early morning birthday dump for you! I'm sure you've seen maybe all but they give me a good laugh

Blossoms of the Winter Bear Enamel Pin

Blossoms of the Winter Bear Enamel Pin

The Flame and the Raindrop from Anything about nothing

Anything about nothing :: Comics - The Flame and the Raindrop<<< better love story than Twilight

And out Yorkie, Lilo. We need to buy her a pair of knickers or a string!

Funny pictures about Deliciously adorable. Oh, and cool pics about Deliciously adorable. Also, Deliciously adorable.

He’s so excited to see you, look at how fast his tongue and tail are waggin’! >w< From the movie Up.

Let's Run Away to Disney — zip-adee-doo-da: chibird: He’s so excited to.

narwhals are cool. @Kaitlyn Martin @Hannah Mueller

narwhal narwhal swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion because they are so awesome