Chilean designer Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman, has designed and made Cuerda (in English it translates to rope or string), a wooden sideboard that was inspired by the ropes of a boxing ring.

Kruger Sulfur Chaise Lounge Chair with Sunbrella® Sulfur Cushion

Life Is Beautiful

agent provocateur's (mammamia) on Luvocracy

i love the teals and blues in this print

Vintage Typewriter Tins - 12 x 18 $30



issue #1 uppercase

type guide


Ashlee Renee

serif - elizabeth cafe menu

serifs - globetrotter

serifs - globetrotter

serifs - globetrotter

a collection of 6 different eau de pafums (featuring a different flavor of tea from around the world) created by different parfumers from the fragrance house of Givauda.

vintage Slovenian poster

Promo resume.

bold, graphic work by Peak 21

organic beauty products

Maeven / Lotta Nieminen