Disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety, agitation, extremely self-hating thoughts, feeling like they don't belong, hopelessness, rage, feeling trapped, feeling that they are a burden, loss of interest in fav activities, giving up on themselves, suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Risk Factors: What should I do if all of these factors apply to me? Do I check myself into a mental facility? That prospect scares me as much as these feelings I'm facing.

"Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings."  Wish every student at Green Mountain High School would follow this. Not one more!!!!!

How long in temporary? Is 28 years temporary? Is 28 years of feeling like shit, temporary?

Evidence: I repinned this, and it is from the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.  Argument: A powerful image that I may be able to incorporate into my visual aid if I have enough time for it. The information on the image may also be useful if I do not have time to show the image itself.

Every 40 seconds someone in the word dies by suicide. Every 41 seconds someone is left to make sense of it. - International Survivors of Suicide Day

Suicide prevention

its national suicide prevention week this week. a smile wont solve everything but its more powerful than you think<<<<<<< Aw these people :)

Raise awareness about suicide prevention month by wearing the social media ribbon.  More ribbons available: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/getinvolved/awarenessribbons.aspx

Today is the first day of National Suicide Prevention Week! National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a great resource.

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