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Christine Brooks
Christine Brooks
Christine Brooks

Christine Brooks

Oversized Sweaters | First Trimester Clothes & Maternity Outfits on Redomestication

But mine would say mom

OH Hahaha so wrong, but so funny!

How to Make a Drawstring Bag « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog

Sigh... maybe next year... Amen

Oh my gosh. It's a wave rider! How awesome would that be?!

The Barbecue Dining Boat - Hammacher Schlemmer ~My LIfe would be complete!

but of course my deanie weanie babyyyyyy ;)

im in geek heaven

1) during winter fill baloons w/water and food color. 2) Place outside 3) once completely frozen remove the balloon and you get Giant Frozen water marble decorations!!!

Galveston TX Gothic - Victorian house. The 21-room mansion features 32 stained-glass windows, four fireplaces and a widow's walk; inside, it's full of opulent Victorian features, including a MY DREAM HOUSE .................grand paneled staircase, ceiling reliefs and elaborate chandeliers. Yes, Please :)

What are you doing!!!!

Work sucks!! Now accepting applications for Sugar Daddy.

Supernatural dean i loves u