Brooklynn Wright

Brooklynn Wright

Brooklynn Wright
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Just in time for back-to-school - a fun way to learn the ABC's! Hairstyles from A-Z

Next time won't u sing with me I'm gonna try some of these on my nieces hair! Whenever I take her to my other sisters house, im the one who does her hair & she always asks me to do something unique & these are perfect for her hair

Cool idea for a table top

Drink enough different kinds of craft beer that you can decorate your coffee table with the coolest labels. Let the craft beer drinking, begin!

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Kids do some pretty funny and stupid stuff. QuickLOL has a massive collection of hilarious pictures of kids. You’ll laugh until you poop your diaper!

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Lol it wasn't a fart, my lower intestine blew you a kiss! :) BAHAHA Jessica and karli remember in college we used to say we blew a kiss? haha oh gosh

Nothing better than a good fart joke.

Nothing better than a good fart joke. Right when I saw fart and read the whole thing I just started laughing!

The very last one is HILARIOUS!

Laughing so hard I'm crying! Love these dog shames! My favorite: "I eat crayons and poop rainbows"