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DIY Distressed HeadBoard

How to make an easy weekend DIY Distressed Headboard from salvaged wood pallets. Gorgeous, shabby-chic headboard with step-by-step tutorial instructions and pictures!

13 Perfected Pallet Projects

9 Perfected Pallet Projects. Pallet DIY Projects and pallet crafts for outdoors, home decor and everything in between.

Pallet End Table

Pallet End Table -, how have I not seen this site before? So many cool ideas with (guess what) instructions.

What to Know Before Painting Pallets

What to Know Before Painting a Wood Pallet~Talks about what to look for in a pallet, and what to avoid.

Learn how to build DIY pallet furniture, sofas, tables, chairs, beds, shelves, wardrobes, even houses made of recycled wooden pallets

13 DIY Headboards Made From Repurposed Wood

Now that we are on our fourth apartment in five years, Matt and I are finally starting to take note of all of the house-y things we weren’t “adult” enough for beforehand. (aka fin…