Brownie Hiker Badge Ideas

Requirements for Earning the Brownie Hiker Badge -- Step 1: Decide where to go Step 2: Try out a new hiking skill Step 3: Pick the Right Gear Step 4: Pack a Snack for Energy Step 5: Go on your Hike

Brownie Hiker Badge Ideas

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What to pack for a hike: 10 essential items | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Poison Ivy

Animal Tracks Identification

How to identify poison ivy and other plants Webelos Naturalist #7

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Download complete requirements for all levels of girls scout badges.

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Girl Scout Brownie Hiker Badge. Girl Scouts love to sing hiking songs, pack fun and tasty snacks, and hunt for sounds of animals and birds. Here's what you need to know to become a Brownie hiker—get ready for adventure!

For the camping trip...

Groovy Sit Upon Pad. Water proof pouches with bubble liners for an economical cushion. Take this on your hike for when you want to sit and have a break. From

Dunk Bag Craft. Do your part for the environment. Don't use paper goods at your camp out. Use a dunk bag to save water when cleaning your dishes and utensils. Stitch up a dunk bag using re purposed craft supplies. It's easy and fun. No scissors or glue needed. Make one on your first day of camp or ahead of time at a meeting. Available at

Duct Tape Camo Visor Craft. Wear these along your hike! From

This will be good for the Fall when we do leaf rubbings. We can now identify what we are rubbing. :-)

Collect leaves on your hike and Make A Fossil Print From Kitchen Ingredients. More nature crafts at www.freekidscraft...

Animal Tracks booklets for Brownies earning their Hiker badge. Love the photos that go with the tracks!

Brownie Hiker Badge Certificate

Camping with your Brownie troop? Don't forget about badges to help the girls make memories of their trip. The Hiker badge is a great choice - our troop perused a map of the camp and chose a trail, listened to an experienced hiker discuss proper gear, learned and practiced making trail signs with sticks and stones, made a healthy GORP snack to eat on the trail, and then hiked. What a great accomplishment for the girls!

BROWNIE HIKER BADGE. Girl Scouts love to sing hiking songs, pack fun and tasty snacks, and hunt for sounds of animals and birds. Here's what you need to know to become a Brownie hiker—get ready for adventure!

Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. Decorate a plastic visor with duct tape. From

Make Beach Safe First Aid Kit from to take on your hike.

Hiking Badge in a Bag from . Five fun activities to help earn you Brownie Hiking Badge. Includes back pack, visor, trail sign swaps, snack recipe card and a hiking song sheet.

Compass SWAP, A great add-on when doing your Brownie Hiking Badge. From

Make Hiking SWAPs! from

Make a Hiking Necklace to take along. From

For Brownies earning their Hiking badge...Paint each cup a different color. Go on a nature hike and try to find something in each color.

Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder from Make it to bring on your hike.

DIY Insulated Lunch Bag to bring on your hike. From

Reusable sandwich and snack backs that are water resistant. These will be perfect for hiking trips, yes!

Blue Diamond Almonds, Wasabi and Soy, 1.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 24) - Blue Diamond Almonds is perfect for active lifestyles, the 100 Calorie pack is a great on-the-go snack for hiking or biking and makes a great tasting healthy addition to kids sch

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Outdoor Fun Patch to compliment your Brownie Hiker Badge. From