kindergarten irises1. turn paper vertical 2. fold down the center/crease, then open 3. name on back 4. draw overlapping leaves 5. color w/ shades of greens and yellow. blend. crayon. 6. dab purple, white (and blue..but i was out) tempera on one side of the fold (be a crazy control freak and give a clear demo of where to dab) 7. fold over and rub to transfer to create symmetry. like an ink blob 8. open. 9. let dry 10. when dry, add a stem w/ green crayon 11. add more yellows and…

Drywall Ancient Greek Columns Project. JR HI MIddle School. Every year our 7th graders learn about Ancient Greece. We use water to rub off the brown layer of cardboard on a 6"x8" piece of drywall. Because we use water the clay inside becomes a little damp which makes it easier to carve. We use a pencil to draw out our design then clay tools to do the carving. Tempera paint in "antique" colors and natural sponges are used to add the color. This takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

This teacher has written out directions for the spooky trees (repin) This one is right up my alley! Trees + spooky! Awesome. I bet you could change it just a bit and use different colors to make them look less spooky and more pretty, too!

Such a fun technique to try with the kids! Art for Kids: Ocean Scenes Using Tempera Paint & India Ink~ Buggy and Buddy

Kachina dolls- Construction paper folded in half then students added wavy edge cut on pencil while folded. Shapes where then added and the fold was used for line on symmetry. Students focused on geometric shapes, outlined with oil pastels, then painted with tempera paint.

I haven't really made a complete art process post on the blog because usually I have to take the pictures myself while I'm creating the art piece and I usually give up documenting the process in fu...

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