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Daily Circle Time Discussion Questions - pose one question per day to your students to give them a chance to talk aloud before the group, and share something about themselves.

Question of the Day Form

Getting to Know You Jar- A Back to School Activity.

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My Piggyback Idea: Getting-to-Know-You Activity... Write one question on each color of the beach ball (use a bigger beach ball). Children answer the question that their right hand lands on. If they land on the question again, the group has to remember what his/her answer was to that question... encourages active listening. You could play this in small groups of 4-8 or as a whole class during the first week of school.

School Counselor Blog

Great concept that could be used as an ice breaker at the beginning of the year or with different questions to survey students' prior knowledge at the beginning of a new unit. Could be easily translated into French, Spanish, etc.

Laura Candler's Cooperative Learning Resources

Teacher decor DIY-chalkboard paint letter. On the first day of school have every student write their name on the letter and display it on the door :)

Kindergarten Teacher Gift from the Class

Math Activity: Math Baseball - This two-player game is a fun way to practice multiplication facts! You'll use a pair of dice to determine the numbers you will multiply with. The product determines whether you've hit a single, double, triple, or home run!

Math Baseball | Activity |

A great problem solving template for word problems!...

Panicked Teacher

EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.

One Man Band Pixar Studios

Inference Activity Activity: Look at the pictures and make inferences based on what you see. Match the inference cards to the correct picture.

Inference Activities - Have Fun Teaching

Multiplication War - after multiplying, player with larger quotient collect both dominoes---or do with addition, or make two digit numbers

Fun Games 4 Learning: Domino Math Games

I love this - I want to try doing this with my would be a great end of year picture for the kids.

Just Wild About Teaching: June Currently!

Students make 5 observations, 5 inferences, and 5 predictions. More pics at National Geographic.

Science Notebooking: inquiry

Love this- I do it weekly! Give it a try- your students will amaze you:)

Mrs Jump's class: Penguin Plans Day 3 and a freebie!

Social Studies Menu

Polka Dot Lesson Plans: Social Studies Menu {Tried it Tuesday}

Minds in Bloom: Integrating Technology in the Classroom with Screen Chomp

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Essential oils for adhd or add. Or for anyone that wants some extra, natural ways to calm down, or have extra help concentrating

Essential Oils for ADHD and ADD - Don't Mess with Mama

10 Things Every Teacher Should Know How To Do With Google Docs

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Use the iTouch as part of The Daily Five - iRead, iWrite, iListen... Love the journal pages for book reviews!!

Flipping for First Grade!

Need a way to encourage your students to read from a variety of genres? Set up a display or folder where each child has an IPad and they add Apps as they read each genre.

iRead Genre Recording Chart

Love this and sooooo trte

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Legos are great for teaching fractions!

Such an easy way to teach fractions using Legos to children…

Reading Response Questions for Practically Any Book

Reading Response Questions for Practically Any Book {freebie}

A great blog post with lots of detail about how a first grade teacher organizes her math time to allow for guided math groups and differentiated instruction.

Keep Teaching and Planning!: Guided Math in detail!

Behavior management

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Great for teaching students about geography connecting to them!

Sunny Days in Second Grade: The Effects of Blogstalking