Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree

Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree. Great idea to add some color to the bottom of your trees! Just wrap feet of chicken wire around the tree trunk!

nice idea to do w tree stumps other than the expensive grinding them down!! need to put fairy houses in the empty spots =)

Old tree stump planter! What a nice idea to display ivy pelargoniums geranium-pelargonium.

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How to Create a Tree-Stump Planter

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Idea for all those birdhouses the kids are planning to make... On the garden fence post near the kids garden, maybe...  (from original source)

Funky bird homes

Petunias - via Pepe's photo on Google+

Plant some flowers in a tree hollow.beautiful with the purple against the gray! (Just add dirt inside the hollow)

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