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Sex Positions

Sex Positions

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This deck of 50 cards invites you and your lover to indulge in the acrobatic, the interesting, and the just plain fun. Illustrated with full color photographs of a couple entwined in each position, these cards are easy to follow along with and offer many carnal possibilities. Flip each card over and read the instructions to try it out for yourselves; a sidebar on each describes the sensual benefit for her, as well as for him...

The Star - kamasutra sex positions In the Star sex position the woman lies on her back, one leg bent up, the other lies flatly on the ground. The man sits down between her legs and pushes a leg under her behind on lift her hip. Leaning back he braces himself with his hands behind his back. She had her hands free to play.

The Eagle - kamasutra sex positions The man sits on his knees , legs spread, in front of his partner in the Eagle position. She lies on her back, legs in the air and wide apart. She can relax while he hold her legs up and apart and penetrates her with varying speed and depth.

The Suspended Scissors - She lies off the edge of the bed on her side, just with her calves, ankles and feet still on the mattress. She supports herself with her left arm and he holds her up from her waist. He steps over her left leg and holding her other leg up and enters her while she dangles precariously off the bed! It sounds confusing but will all come together when she gets going. This really gets the blood pumping and should give her an explosive orgasm.

The Rowing Boat - To get into this position the man starts by lying back so the woman can sit down slowly on to his penis. Then sits up, bring knees torso up so that both are face to face and his knees are on the outside. She should also have her knees bent up so her legs are outside his and she can wrap her legs around him. He slips his arms over her calfs and under her knees and she slips her hands under his knees and round her thighs so that she can grip his hands.

The Rock'n Roller - kamasutra sex positions We're fairly sure this isn't the original name of this position... but the Rock'n Roller sex position sounds great. She lies on her back and stretches her legs back over her head (like she's about to do a backwards roll). He kneels over her, helping her to keep her hips elevated as he penetrates her.

The Fan - kamasutra sex positions The woman stands with her back to her partner in the Fan sex position. She bends her knees and rests them on the edge of a chair or stool and crosses her arms on the back of the chair or on the stool to support herself. He enters her from behind and controls the movement, caressing her clitoris and breasts with his hands. Penetration will be deep, stimulating the front walls of the vagina and G spot. This is also a great position for anal sex.

Bandoleer - kamasutra sex positions The woman lies on the back with her knees up towards her chest. The man kneels facing her so she can put her feet on his chest. He leans places his forearms on her knees and she reaches down to grip his thighs. She can make penetration deeper by pulling him closer. In this Bandoleer sex position, the G spot gets all the action. As the man presses her knees down, the pleasure increases.

The Propeller - kamasutra sex positions This one's unsual. The Propeller sex position requires the woman to lie on her back - legs outstretched and together. The man lies on top of her but back-to-front so he's facing her feet. Once he's got himself inside he can make circular motions with his hips. This takes some practice to get right... we're not sure it's worth the effort.

The Magic Mountain - kamasutra sex positions First of all construct your "mountain" out of a pile of pillows. The woman kneels infront of the pillows and leans forward over it. He kneels behind her, legs on the outside of her's, he leans down over her and penetrates her from behind. Make sure you use fairly firm pillows for the Magic Mountain sex position.

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The Squat Balance - kamasutra sex positions The Squat Balance sex position requires some skill and a fair bit of strength. The woman stands on the bed or a sturdy stool, the man stands behind her. From here, he places his hands on her bottom so that she can "sit" down and lean against his chest. Now he can penetrate her from behind, she braces herself on his arms as he supports her weight.

The Lustful Leg - The couple start approximately shoulder width apart facing each other. The woman places one leg up onto the bed. The man then bends his knees to bring his shoulder under her leg so she can rest her foot on his shoulder. She puts her arms around his neck so she can lean back and he holds on to her hips as he straightens up slowly to penetrate her. She extends her leg and straightens it as much as possible while he gently pulses into her.

The Deckchair - kamasutra sex positions The man relies on his hands to support his weight while sitting legs outstretched in the Deckchair sex position. With his hands behind him, he leans back bending slightly at the elbows. She lies back on a pillow facing him and pops her feet up onto his shoulders - She can then move her hips forward for penetration. In this position the penis penetrates especially deeply.

The Reclining Lotus - a little yoga practice goes a long way... The woman lies on her back, legs crossed in the "lotus" position (the opposite foot on top of the opposite knee). The man lies between her legs and penetrates from above. So that the woman doesn't have to carry his entire weight, it's recommended that the man braces himself on his arms. A pillow under the woman's hips can change the penetration angle. Her hands are free to wander or to hold on to her partner.

The Cross - kamasutra sex positions The woman lies on her back, one leg extended, the other bent up in the Cross sex position. The man sits down with one thigh over her extended thigh and slips her bent leg under his arm. He braces himself with the hands behind his back to control the rhythm of the movement.

The Kneel - kamasutra sex positions The woman and man kneel face to face in the Kneel sex position. She straddles his thighs so he can enter her and wraps her arms around his neck. He embraces her and moving gently up and down with his knees penetrates her. It's the perfect position for a proper snog too!

The Classic - kamasutra sex positions This is sex 101 - the Classic sex position. Woman on her back, legs slightly apart. Man on top between her thighs. He supports himself on his arms so he can look down to her and she can use her arms to squeeze his bum and guide the movement so it's just how she likes it. From here he can easily slide in and out of her and she can lie back and enjoy it.

The Plough - kamasutra sex positions The woman lies on the edge of the bed so her hips are the last part of her on the bed and her legs are off the edge. In the Plough sex position she supports herself on her eblows as he steps between her legs and lifts her hips and thighs to penetrate her. her legs should be stretched out behind her.

The Peg - looks like it would be quite a feat but actually it can be mastered quite quickly! The man lies on his side. The woman curls up on her side in the opposite direction so that her head is nearer his feet. With her knees drawn up to her chest, she slips her thighs over his to sandwich his legs. She entwines her arms through his legs while he supports himself on his lower elbow and uses his free hand to guide movement in and out or to play with her perineum and anus.

The Glowing Juniper - kamasutra sex positions To achieve the Glowing Juniper sex position the woman lies on her back with legs open, outstretched legs. The man sits between her knees, facing her with legs outstretched. He lifts her hips to aid penetration and at the same time he can lean down to kiss her belly... providing he's flexible enough. A wonderfully romantic position.

The Frog - kamasutra sex positions The Frog sex position starts with the man sitting on the edge of the bed, the feet on the ground. The woman squats before him on the edge of the bed with her back to him (like a little frog). He penetrates her and she moves up and down bracing herself on his thighs. The man can support her movements by plaving his bands under her bum and giving her a little lift. Or he can reach around and play with her breasts and clit.

The Dolphin - The woman makes a bridge by pushing her thighs and hips towards the ceiling while supporting herself on her shoulders and keeping her head and neck on the floor. The man slots himself between her knees and helps her to keep her hips off the ground. All the while he penetrates her with soft movements. The man lifting the womans hips even higher so that her feet are clear off the ground. Don't hold this too long. All that blood to the head can lead to blackouts!

The Hero - kamasutra sex positions For the Hero sex position, the woman lies on her back pulling her knees up to her chest, feet extending up towards the ceiling. The man kneels down thighs under her bum so she can rest on him as he enters her. He can use his free hands to press her thighs back towards her chest to aid penetration.

The Crouching Tiger - kamasutra sex positions Lying back on the bed with his knees off the edge, the man places his hands on the woman's bottom as she squats over him facing away in the Crouching Tiger sex position. She can reach her clit or his balls and penis and guides the depth and pace of penetration with his help. The Crouching Tiger sex position takes some thigh power but with a little help from the man this one is fairly easy to achieve.

The Seduction - "take me now" position that they woman adopts to kick things off. As seductions go this one is pretty obvious... She starts off on her knees and then leans back - ankles under her bum, arms abover her head. Kneeling over her, the man leans over her to penetrate so that his legs are straight out behind him and his weight is supported on his forearms. He can then use circular motions or thrusts to pleasure her.