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Tatuagem criada por Rodrigo Muinhos de Fortaleza. Leão com metade do rosto de rosas, feito em blackwork.

Tatuagem criada por Rodrigo Muinhos de Fortaleza. Leão com metade do rosto de rosas, feito em blackwork.

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Refined tattoo by Anna Bravo

20 tatuagens de viagens para alimentar o seu lado exploradora

I'd love to get this and fill in every continent with color as I travel to each one.

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las teje y maneje // monday's illustration // 89

Tatuagens de viagens são comuns porque colocam na pele uma das maiores paixões do ser humano: conhecer o mundo

26 World Map Tattoos With Releasing and Wandering Meanings - Tattoos Win

cross tattoos for women | Feminine Cross Tattoos For Women Cross Tattoo Design By ZanieLArch On ... Plus

Cross tattoo design by ~Zanie-LArch on devian - in Mat 22 Jesus ask who is on a coin they say Cesers then he says rendered to Ceseres what is Cesers and give to God what is God. I am God and I am sealed with the cross of Christ forever

My first tattoo! A mother and child symbol interwoven with the infinity symbol. My permanent reminder of how completely blessed I am to be a mom & no matter what happens, my love my child is infinite and unchanging.

mom and daughter tattoo mother child tattoo mom daughter tattoo mother .

<p>Entre você e sua irmã existe um elo cheio de amor, cumplicidade e parceria, que as liga de um jeito muito único, como nenhuma amizade poderá igualar. Ou seja: é forte e lindo demais! <3 Vocês até podem ter brigado quando crianças, passado por fases e mais fases, mas é certo que já devem ter percebido […]</p>

Para fazer com a prima ❤️ Separate Yin Yang tattoos on each arm. You can be artistic and ink the two aspects of the Yin Yang on one arm and one on the other. The intricate details on the Yin Yang elements also look amazing.

If you have a sister, you probably know that, a lot of the time, this relationship can be… complicated. To say the least. I don’t want to inject my own anecdotal experience into your narrative, but most of the time, having a sister tends to mean fighting over clothes, fighting over makeup, fighting over that time you accidentally threw up on them on a family ski trip, and, um, fighting over pretty much everything else.

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