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a collection of products I designed (solo or in team) in the past few years
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a toy car sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Honda-E wooden scale model
#Honda // Honda-e wooden scale model, a perfect eco-friendly toy to match the Honda-e's eco friendly and cute image.
the rear wheel of a bicycle with its brakes still attached to it's chain
Veloské bike dropout
#Veloské // Our Veloské is crafted to do more than just to appeal the eye. Every detail is engineered to improve your efficiency and safety. This requested a special approach when it comes to the dropouts. We developed a masterpiece.
a bicycle is parked on some steps
#Veloské // Veloské is more than an ordinary bicycle manufacturer. ​We are on a mission: no more side-accidents and a safer bicycle ride for everyone. Discover our Cyclist Centric Approach.
a white car with an orange stripe on the front and back bumper, parked in a studio
Jazz it up!
#Honda // Jazz it up! A colourful twist that’ll make your new Jazz stand out by adding tasteful colour touches both on the exterior and interior. Complementing the dynamic and vivid design, the Functional Fun pack is a combination of a Front Grille, two Door Mirror Covers, a Side Body Trim in material with a Tuscan Orange Insert, a Rear Bumper Decoration and set of matching Elegance Floor Mats.
a silver car driving down the road in front of a large bridge at night with city lights
Civic bronze line
#Honda // Express your individuality with the distinctive and bold Bronze Line. The pack includes: Front Skirt, Side Skirts, Rear Diffuser, Mirror Caps and Front and Rear Bumper Decorations - all in Infinite Bronze.
a drawing of a bicycle frame with measurements for the seat and handlebars on it
#Veloské // Optimised frame geometry for ultimate touring comfort
At Veloské My job as a technical advisor consists of developping new frame geometry, new cable routing and dropout concepts, etc.
three different views of a man riding a bike
2019 Ridley Noah Fast
#Ridley // The new Noah fast was designed to be slip through the air like a hot knife through butter without being a hassle to assemble and disassemble.
a notebook with some drawings on top of it
#Freetime // keeping my sketching skills “on point”
four different views of a bicycle parked in front of a brick wall
#Ridley // The Noah Aero+ cheats the wind with it's fully hidden cable routing both for mechanical and electronic groupsets achieved using the Ridley propriotary CMS system (cable management system). Aero seatstays, an aero seatpost, a downtube with the RIdley propriotary F-surface, and a beefy bottom bracket add to the perfect aero package.
a person riding a bike on a trail in the woods
Ridley X-Trail Adventure
#Ridley // X-Trail Adventure - No matter the season, gravel, asphalt, mud - Just ride. Designed for those who love riding, for those who like to have FUN
three different views of an electric motorcycle
Fransisco design study
#Fransisco // Design study and 3D modeling for #fransisco by Bruno De Naeyer
three different views of the same vehicle
4ZA TT-box (Bento box)
#4ZA // TT-box (Bento box) - store your energy bars and gels in an aero package, your bike willa ctually be faster with the box than without! Designed for the Ridley dean, but will work with a cervelo P5 or any other TT bike with bottle cage bolts on the toptube!
three different shots of people riding bikes in the rain, and one is upside down
Aero-comfort handlebar (Bruno Bar)
#4ZA // Aero-comfort handlebar - Tops designed based on NACA aerofoil calculations slightly modified to improve comfort; optimal shifter position (OSP) and 4ZA proprietary bend finish of the bar.
a man standing next to his bike in front of a street light and lampposts
Ridley masterthesis
#UGent #Ridley // Masterthesis, a high performance road bike that strikes a beautifull balance in both stifness and comfort thanks to it's unique handlebar design
an image of a car made out of wood and wire with wires attached to it
#UGent // Edubots, design a robot that can be manufactured using laser-cut and 3D printing techniques. he robot should have multiple configurations so serve multiple purposes.