Nada mejor que tu perro para viajar

Camping is better with your best friend! Camping With Dogs Is The Most Wonderful Thing Ever-- that picture.

"Descent" by Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante | he does some amazing ink splatter paintings | more at his online gallery: Art Print

"Descent" by Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante - Would love this coloring for my tattoo

We are trying to make this the best dog quiz EVER! We need your help to make it the best of the best! Hope you enjoy :D

What Dog Is In Your Soul

west highland white terrier                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Tudo sobre a raça West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers—Westies—are a dog breed originally bred in the West Highlands of Scotland. They are related to the Scottish Terrier. While Scottish Terriers can be black, red, cream, or white, the Westies are always white.

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(1) Best Photographs of X: What is the most amazing photograph you have ever taken? - Quora

Photo by Bill Blevins, who writes, "I've probably taken 'better' pictures, but this is one of my favorites, of my border collie Grace flying with bubbles".

Tiny Bubbles......

This pup loves BUBBLES! Kids love bubbles, too! So much fun for both to run around and play with bubbles.

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World's Most Expensive Cats, Costing Up To $100,000