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The Hill-side® chambray tie in stripe

Whale tie clip

Liberty bow tie in Emma and Georgina floral

Floral pocket square

Blue floral pocket square

Chambray floral pocket square

Chambray floral tie

Liberty tie in speckle floral

Wilkie Sugar Maple Eyeglasses

Linwood Violet Magnolia Eyeglasses

Theo Whiskey Tortoise Eyeglasses

Baxter Striped Sassafras Eyeglasses

Arthur Green Spruce Eyeglasses

Crane Sugar Maple Eyeglasses

NOHARM Vegan Shoes Phoenix Style Vegan Brogues - NOHR0841



Vibrant-stripe knit tie

Sartorialist, Le Marais, Paris.


Buongiorno Tutti

DIY ~ nautical rope bracelet ** UPDATE:  {Photo has been removed, please visit Kiel James Patrick to view the bracelet} Loving this DIY project ~ a nautical knot bracelet with the cutest anchor hook.  Click here to view the full tutorial on how to make one of your own.  For easier view, here are the directions: Supplies needed: Thick rope in any color, an anchor charm, large crimping beads, and some thin rope 1. Measure the thicker rope by wrapping it once around your wrist. Add 1-2 inches to that length and cut. Repeat with a second piece of rope. 2. Take one of the pieces of rope, bending it in half to create a loop. Slip a crimping bead over the loose rope ends and squeeze it tightly with pliers. The loose ends should now be fastened together by the metal crimping bead. 3. Loop the second piece of rope and wrap it under and through the first piece of rope’s loop. Use the picture as reference. It looks much more complicated than it is! 4. Once the two pieces of rope are looped together, secure the loose ends of the second rope with another metal crimping bead. Before squeezing the bead closed, slip a looped piece of thinner rope in the bottom end and then press the crimping bead shut. This will be your bracelet fastener. 5. Take your anchor charm and tie the top to the end of your bracelet that doesn’t have the thinner piece of rope attached. This can be done by either sewing the charm in place or looping a thinner piece of rope through the end of the thicker rope. Whatever is easiest for you! {Tutorial and photo via "Rent The Runway On Campus"}  ** UPDATE: The tutorial from "Rent The Runway On Campus" has been removed.  Luckily, I have them posted above.   If any of you are looking for anchor charms, check out these etsy shops: If any of you are looking for rope, check out this online shop:

man style


love the spot of colour!