Why do we fall? so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

"Why Do We Fall? So That We Learn To Pick Ourselves Up." - Alfred Pennyworth Batman Begins I love this quote so much!

Omgosh I love this so much! All of the villains from my favorite super hero trilogy (: Although Selena did turn out to be good in the end :P

some quotes from each Bat-villains from Christopher Nolans' Batman Trilogy Nolan's Batman Trilogy villains' quotes

The Dark Knight Rises

I wondered what would break first, your spirit? or your body? -Bane (Tom Hardy), The Dark Knight Rises.

Batman Begins - Makes me think about how I want people to view Fibromyalgia and Me

Not a fan of Batman but I loved Batman Returns with Christian Bale. (The source of the quote) These words are beyond a line in a movie. It's something that can actually be applied in our lives.

Batman | The Dark Knight Trilogy

Face to Face Scarecrow, Joker, Bane. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises