Can be changed with the seasons.  I need to make these

Oh Joy! Christmas Apothecary Jars - Uncommon Designs...

Every holiday needs apothecary jars filled with candy! Uncommon has made "JOY" apothecary jars filled with red and white striped pepperm.

gingerbread men garland

gingerbread men garland - these would be great using "applesauce-cinnamon ornament" recipe & the gingerbread man cookie cutter .

Umm, GENIUS!!- Use only 2-3 stocking hangers and a curtain rod. What a great idea...can't wait to try!

Curtain Rod as Stocking Holder - purchase two-three stocking hangers and a lightweight curtain rod. Hang the stockings from the curtain rod instead of using multiple stocking hangers. You can put a rod any place.

Primary Advent Calendar: Tell me the stories of Jesus. I want to do this for Christmas this year!

Primary Advent Calendar: Tell me the stories of Jesus. candle, which has 24 dots evenly painted on it; you have them burn the candle down to the next dot while they're reading the advent scripture for that day).

Oreo Snowmen Pops

Oreo Snowman Pops … There won't be any leftovers when you take these Oreo Snowmen Pops to your Holiday party. They are so easy and so cute. Visit Red Star Recipe for instructions.

Pinup Wreath

Easy Christmas Crafts

Holiday Card Wreath—cute idea—would look even better with the decorative clothespins. Use wood glue—affix small wooden clothespins to large embroidery hoop outward & inward, spaced 1 apart—suspend from ribbon—clip cards as received.


Christmas Tree and Interior Living Room Holiday Decoration Ideas.Best Christmas is always creative. Cutting down trees to put in the living room of your family

Because how else would you spend Christmas???

I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite! this quote is so wonderful. So ME! Will Ferrell is so funny and it's just not the Christmas season without watching the movie Elf.