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    Bryce Bromley
    Bryce Bromley
    Bryce Bromley

    Bryce Bromley

    22 years old USAF vet

    Benedict J Fernandez, Anti black demonstration, chicago,1959

    Haunting Photos Of An Abandoned Air Force Base | Atlas Obscura

    40+ sad songs to boost your mood. Really. I know a few of these and they are really sad but also really good

    Prayer for you: God, you know that my heart is heavy tonight and I'm worn out. I need you to show me how to keep my faith when I feel as though my world is crumbling. Show me how to love the unlovely. Help me to see the light when all I see right now is darkness. Set me on a new path and help me to see the all the goodness that surrounds me.

    My feelings are on without filters all the time. I can try to guide to the positive, but I cannot choose to turn it off. Ever.

    I alwase seem like the most smiley person in my group of friends... But in reality... I'm lonely

    Time to get Star Spangled Hammered!

    I gave you something, I gave you a piece of me I know I can never get back.. I'm in love.. And that fact will never change. You wanted time.. You wanted space.. Take it.We are young.. Alot has yet to happen.. Whether you're in my life in a month, 5 years, 10 years or never again...of one thing i'm sure. I'll always be here.. I'll always be waiting.. And i'm just fine with that=]...

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