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growing relaxed hair | Relaxed Hair Health: The Lead Hair Theory: Read this before your next ...

My goal is to have waist length hair. [ Read the 10 steps to growing African American hair article to get started ] would love my hair to be longer short curly hair isent my thing

Lords Prayer

Lord's Prayer - Danny Hahlbohm - Fine-Art Print -christian art prints and posters

Diverticulitis Diet

Diverticulitis is an easily preventable disorder. You just need to pay more attention to your diet. Here are some diverticulitis diet tips to prevent and manage the condition.

how to eat

Paired with workouts can do wonders. "excellence is a habit" - Handy eating schedule. Your body loves routine! Can't eat to many veggies right now but going to try my best.

Effective Home Remedies For Diverticulitis... This is not fun at all

Whether the cause be from poor digestion or lack of proper digestive enzymes, there are numerous natural stomach ache remedies. Here are 5 solutions.

High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Foods are your Friend Include them in your diet often. They have side effects, we all know that but the benefits of eating high fiber foods out weigh the negative. Any food that can benefit our health is worth eating often.