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Funny pictures about What Did Humans Do To Deserve Dogs? Oh, and cool pics about What Did Humans Do To Deserve Dogs? Also, What Did Humans Do To Deserve Dogs?

Learn how to fly.....symbolically speaking ;)

Funny pictures about Flight Simulator. Oh, and cool pics about Flight Simulator. Also, Flight Simulator photos.

a little comics “kenobi’s family “ I really hope Rey is Obi-wan’s graddaugther because for me she looks like Obi wan .

Rey *see Solo’s family* : …. Rey: Where’s my family … *cry* I’m just alone … Obi wan: No, you have a family , Rey . *see Obi wan* Grandpa ! Obi wan: I’m so sorry Rey to leav you alone .

Piggy back ride, I miss. Luke Skywalker, Rey and Yoda from Star Wars.

The Happy Sorceress, Jedi Training by Edward Pun

Lol that's cute Rey looks so happy cx

Han would make the BEST force ghost! I need a grumpy force ghost who is over all of the mystic mumbo-jumbo and will tell people when they're being an idiot!

Can’t go 15 minutes into a franchise with out drawing sad fanart.

*aggressively cries*>>I never thought about Chewie being like an uncle to evil ole Ben. Makes me wanna cry in a dark hole.