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DIY Poop Fragrance Spray to save money & Get RID of that stink!

Make your own Poop Spray for crazy cheap! Blocks all the stinky smells in the toilet and leaves the bathroom smelling divine!

DIY Oil Pulling Tablets

Oil pulling doesn't have to be messy any more! With these DIY oil pulling tablets, oil pulling has never been easier to do each morning. Learn how to make them here!

DIY "Poo-Pourri" Toilet Spray +++ Works GREAT! I mixed fragrance oil I had on hand (cinnamon/spice/fall fragrances), 2 tsp rubbing alcohol, and water, in a re-used 3 oz. spray bottle. It took about 2 minutes, and a few pennies to make. To use, spray 3-4 sprays to the water in the bowl BEFORE you sit down.-@DreamsUnderfoot)